Maytronics’ Special Culture: An Interview With Eyal Tryber

4.4.2021 | 7:36

Watch Eyal Tryber’s, Maytronics’ former CEO, conversation with Sharon Israel, co-CEO of Extra Mile, about Maytronics vision.

The company focuses on diverse HR from various populations: Circassian, Arabs, secular Jews, religious and people of the Kibbutz movement, and supports equal work.

As part of being an industrial company, Maytronics, being a Hi-Tech firm invests a lot in its personnel’s development, training and specific training programs.

מנכ”ל מיטרוניקס עם פרספקטיבה מעניינת על כוח העבודה ופיתוח סביבת העבודה from Maala on Vimeo.