Five Interesting Facts About Maytronics

On top of our advanced products and solutions, leading the global market and holding 46% of it. Maytronics has many aspects, we do our best to integrate our values, social and management agenda into our work.


How do you create a leader?

According to Eyal Tryber- our CEO’s view, leadership is a value that one should promote and educate to, according to guidelines we established here to form a simple and clever leadership model.

Alongside characteristics like courage, professionalism, positivity and setting an example, we also seek modesty, personal and emotional linkage to people around us, looking at each other as equals and listening – traits without which – a leader is incomplete.

This is how we make sure that those who become managers at Maytronics, are equipped with the right set of values, to lead forward while creating a pleasant work environment, encouraging creativity and good vibes.

 Continuously expanding

There’s no magic or secret – the only way to evolve and grow is by distributing our products to more and more private and commercial pools, making the perfect match between customer needs and robots characteristics and looking further to the future with a deep understanding of market trends.

There are 24 million private pools around the world, only 20% of them are cleaned by robots. This means that there are 19 million pools yet to use a robot, in addition, 200-250k pols are built every year, making the growth potential practically endless.
it is of no surprise that every parameter we review, is growing annually.

Variety and diversity

We believe that everyone can contribute to a collective goal, according to their skill, ability, will and motivation. everyone can make progress and therefore has a place in Maytronics. For that reason, we hire people of all population, and of special needs who fit wonderfully within us in a variety of positions.

Tell a friend

Some of you may be familiar with various recruitment methods, we love it when our employees introduce us to their friends and call them over. It’s a win-win situation, where you help a friend find a great job, and work shoulder to shoulder with them.

Maytronics as an organization benefits from recruiting employees that naturally have traits that match the DNA of current employees, ensuring that good people are joining us. It works every time. Nowadays, the percentage of Maytronics employees that were introduced by their friends is growing and our special social bonds are growing stronger.

Women power

We take pride in the high percentage of female employees in Maytronics. Compared to other Hi-tech companies, that have a majority of men employees, we look at every one as an individual, regardless of their gender and assign them with the most suitable position.

To sum it up – Maytronics is surprising and interesting, there is much to know about it and plenty of room to grow in it.

You are welcome to join the Maytronics family and our unique journey.