Prepare Yourself For Maytronics Job Interview

How to prepare for Maytronics job interview?

No doubt, one of the most nerve-racking stages of the hiring process is the personal interview. These days you sometimes have to go through up to 3 interviews before getting the job, all too often you can’t say what would be the right thing to say.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for our interview, so we can best get to know each other.

Your CV in your calling card. It is important that it represents you fully and accurately, that your professional experience is there clear and that its in line with reality.

We really want to get to know you! The authentic you, unmasked and genuine. We recommend that you stay true to your experience and focus on what’s important to you and the things you relate to.

What do you know about us? We appreciate curiosity and a will to know what the organization is all about. It’s always nice to know that you made some research, understood our line of work and that it made you want to join us. To help you get to know us further know us we built a career site that gives you a peek at our everyday life in that various locations, departments and products.

Do you gravitate towards volunteer work? We want to here about it. Your values are important an of interest to us. If you didn’t have the chance to volunteer before – we would love to tell you about Maytronics volunteering opportunities.

During the interview it’s important to remember that we are all humans – nobody is perfect, and we are not looking for flawless people. Your weaknesses are just the spots to grow from, no need to hide them.

We hope the interviews will be pleasant and wish you luck.

Maytronics’ Special Culture: An Interview With Eyal Tryber

Watch Eyal Tryber’s, Maytronics’ former CEO, conversation with Sharon Israel, co-CEO of Extra Mile, about Maytronics vision.

The company focuses on diverse HR from various populations: Circassian, Arabs, secular Jews, religious and people of the Kibbutz movement, and supports equal work.

As part of being an industrial company, Maytronics, being a Hi-Tech firm invests a lot in its personnel’s development, training and specific training programs.

מנכ”ל מיטרוניקס עם פרספקטיבה מעניינת על כוח העבודה ופיתוח סביבת העבודה from Maala on Vimeo.